Photography: Just Friends, Young Culture, Save Face and Sad Park

Posted: by The Editor

I’ve been following Just Friends since their debut record, “Rock 2 Rhythm” in 2015, and they continue to prove themselves as an unstopable force. The band has continued to develop their identity and sound throughout the years. Their recent release, “Gusher” is an explosion of sound with a nice blend of their older rock and newer R&B groovy sounds. The band played a full set from all of their releases and kept a high energy throughout the entire night.

Opener, Sad Park, a last minute addition to the bill, is certainly a band to watch. Their presence on stage and gratifying sound made them a pleasure to watch. Next were New Jersey natives, Save Face, another last minute addition. The last time I saw Save Face was probably 2019 at Brooklyn Bazar (R.I.P.) and the band’s performance has been stuck in my mind since then. Save Face’s insane stage presence, most notably lead singer Tyler Povanda’s, was a delight to witness. The band clearly are enjoying themselves and having a great time, which in result, made the crowd have a great time too. After were Young Culture, a band that certainly has a younger sound and a fiercely loyal crowd. The crowd went absolutely wild for them and clearly have a vibe that speaks to their audience. Just Friends finally were up and demolished their entire set. Starting off with some tracks from “Gusher” and then moving right into “Ryerson” and “Move 2 Miami” off of “Rock 2 Rhythm”. The band sprinkled some tracks from “Nothing But Love” and “Hella” while taking fan requests. The band continues to impress with their love for music and performing even after a decade of being together.

Sad Park

Save Face

Young Culture

Just Friends

Photos by Sarah Knoll

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