Photography & Interview: Briston Maroney’s Paradise Fest, Night One

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Last year,  Nashville based artist Briston Maroney started Paradise Fest, a two day run of shows at Brooklyn Bowl which brings together a variety of artists with a focus on the local community. This year, in support of his brand new record, Ultrapure, the festival was expanded to three days, where fans could hear brand new tracks live for the first time. Lindsy was there to capture the first night which included support from hey,nothing, Jack Van Cleaf and Samia. Lindsy was also able to chat with Briston ahead of the shows. Check out the photos and interview below.

hey, nothing 

Jack Van Cleaf


Briston Maroney

Last year was your first time putting on the Paradise shows. What was the inspiration behind putting it on and what was the planning process like?  

Basically, I wanted an excuse to have a bigger party than we could host at my house, 10 minutes from my house haha. Bringing together the people I love and making new friends in a musical environment is the dream!

What was your favorite part of the shows?

Seeing people be exposed to new bands! Also, seeing other bands cross paths and make bonds is such a joy.

What are you looking forward to most at Paradise this year?

Playing the new songs from the album!!!

Is there anything you’re doing differently?

We added a third night, so the chaos level is just slightly higher!

How would you describe the Nashville music scene to someone who’s new to it or just getting into live music?

It’s very singular – the emphasis on live shows is definitely the strongest I’ve sensed compared to other major cities. People love going to shows here.

Getting your footing in the DIY scene, is there a moment that sticks out to you most? I grew up in the FL DIY scene and going to house shows in college completely changed my understanding of the DIY scene.

The early days of those house shows really are the brightest moments to me. They are where I met my best friends, learned how to play and perform, and how to be a person.

You’ll be touring pretty extensively the remainder of the year and into next, what are you looking forward to most?

I can’t wait to eat at the Hip Hop Chip Shop in the UK. It’s great!


Lindsy Carrasquillo | @lindsy_carr

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