Photography: Hail the Sun at The Regent

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California post-hardcore band Hail The Sun has had a big year. The band just released their latest album Divine Inner Tension via Equal Vision Records and to celebrate the new music, the band did a headlining tour, which included a SOLD OUT show at The Regent in Los Angeles in mid-August.

As expected, Hail The Sun played a variety of bangers from different eras of their career. The band kicked off their set with “Devaluation” off New Age Filth, “Chunker” off Divine Inner Tension, and “Glass: Half Empty” off Mental Knife. Throughout the night, fans did not hold back and sang along regardless of how old or new each song was. Hail The Sun played music from their last three records. Off Divine Inner Tension, we got to hear “Mind Rider”, “Maladapted”, and “Under the Floor”. From New Age Filth, fans were treated to “Solipsism”, “Domino”, “Made Your Mark”, “Parasitic Cleanse”, and during the encore, “Slander”. Off my favorite album of theirs, Mental Knife, the band played “The Stranger in Our Pictures” and “A Lesson in Lust”. Off Culture Scars, we only got to hear one song, but it still got fans hyped up as the band played “Doing the Same Thing and Expecting Different Results”. If you’ve seen the band live, you know a Hail The Sun show would not be the same if we didn’t hear songs off Wake as fans were treated to 5 jams off the album: “Black Serotonin”, “Human Target Practice”, super fan favorite “Relax/Divide”, and during the encore, “Rolling Out the Red Carpet” and “Falling on Deaf Ears.” Before Hail The Sun played “Relax/Divide”, the crowd kept chanting “Hail The Sun! Hail The Sun!” and at that point, lead vocalist/drummer Donovan Melero took the time to thank Equal Vision Records. “This is one of those moments I want to capture forever,” added Melero. “I can’t believe we’re here right now. I can’t believe you guys are here. This is a dream come true.”

With a packed house on a school night, for fans of Hail The Sun, old and new, it was worth spending the night at the gig and running on little sleep the next day. When it comes to rocking out, there is never a right time. You just gotta do it and that’s what Hail The Sun and their fans did.

Hail the Sun

Photos by Jazmin Lemus

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