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Foxing and Now Now are currently embarking on a co-headlining tour across the U.S. to promote their most recent genre bending albums. Both bands delivered us albums last year that stripped away the sound we fell in love with and gave us something better. Now Now steered away from their guitar driven rock sounds and instead delivered us twelve songs of thunderous electronic beats with tender vocals about letting positive love flow through you.  It was a bold move to make as their first album in six years but they perfected the sound that so many artists strive to create. Foxing decided to put the twinkly guitar parts to rest and instead gave us powerful guitar solos (such as the ending of Lich Prince) and electronic samples underlaying intricate drum parts. Both of these albums challenged listeners to give up what we were used to hearing from them and invited us to mature with them and are bringing these experimental new songs across the U.S. with support from Daddy Issues and Kyle was at their Boston date to take pictures of the night.

Daddy Issues

Daddy Issues opened the night as people were pouring into the venue and engaged the crowd with their rebellious punk sounds and humor throughout their set while taking breaks to talk about important matters such as sexual assault and encouraging the audience to donate to the RAINN donation bin they had at their merch booth. While their set was a short 30 minutes, everyone who was just experiencing Daddy Issues for the first time was given a reason to come out to their next show and got everyone ready to be immersed in Now Now’s set.

Now Now

Now Now took it upon themselves to perform mostly as a two piece this tour cycle which can be a risky move to take with how expansive their sound is but managed to give us the effect of a full backing band in half the size. Opening with a pop rendition of their song “Wolf” (much like their synth rendition of Colony that I was lucky enough to hear at their New York date last year), the crowd was immediately singing along with KC and reeling in her emotions as well. Occasionally being joined by a backing guitarist/keyboardist, this duo set of Now Now was one of the purest sounding sets I’ve seen of theirs and hearing the already atmospheric beats live gives a new viewpoint to Saved. If you haven’t seen Now Now since they reunited two years ago, I encourage you to come out to this tour and hear songs from Saved in a way you won’t experience on your own.


It’s hard to tell whose set I was more excited for but when Foxing came on, we knew we were in for a treat. I was lucky enough to see both bands last year after they released their new albums but now that they’ve had time to saturate, I was ready to hear nothing but tracks from Nearer My God. Seeing Foxing is always a compelling experience because you want to be energetic and scream along with Connor while you’re washed over by a wave of instruments that to me is much different than listening on record. I’ve seen Foxing a fair amount of times and always leave with excitement for their next tour because they put on one of the best live shows you’ll see. Being treated to four songs from their previous album was enjoyable because while I think Nearer My God is their best piece of work, it reminds listeners of why we became devoted fans of Foxing. Whether you’ve seen Foxing and Now Now before or not, this co-headliner is a blissful experience that everyone should make an effort to come out to.


Kyle Musser//@godvfwine

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