Photography: Fever 333

Posted: by The Editor

It’s no surprise that California based trio Fever 333 is making their mark not only in the music community, but society as well. Their sound mixes ruthless punk/post-hardcore while their message rallies against racism and confronts issues of immigration, inequality, misogyny and police brutality. Their performance at The Gramercy last week was nothing short of incredible. Starting the show with a projector displaying scenes of news and tv static while playing politically oriented sound clips, making the entire audience to break into a chorus of boos. As the sheet blocking the stage drops, frontman Jason Aalon Butler is revealed with a black canvas bag around his head standing still. The crowd erupted into a chant of “333” that nearly shook the building. After about 30 seconds Jason’s raw and piercing scream matched with Stephen’s distorted riff, complimenting Aric’s powerful drums throughout the entire show. The trios energy is like no other, as Butler and Harrison hurled themselves around the stage as their fans screamed along to every word. While spreading his moving and important political message, Butler didn’t fail to make the entire experience fun. Playing hits such as “Made in America” and “One of Us”, while bringing the crowd to life with their contagious energy. It’s clear to anyone that knows these guys that their live performances aren’t just another show in another city, it’s much more than that. It’s the start of a beautiful and powerful movement. Since the start of the band, they’ve been warning that a fever is coming.. and if it isn’t already here, I can’t wait for that they have in store for us.


Sarah Holick//@babytayto