Photography: Denzel Curry

Posted: by The Editor

It’s difficult nowadays to find an album that is a masterpiece front to back but Denzel Curry’s newest album, ZUU, defies all odds of current music trends and gives us twelve songs that don’t make me want to press “next song” at any point. Outside of my own opinion though, it seems that ZUU is considered bangers front to back by everyone who’s listened (after reading multiple reviews, running Twitter polls, and word of mouth) and aside from how much his music delivers, Denzel is one of the most genuine people in the industry only further solidifying his name is music history. Amplifying the energy from his new tracks in a live setting made fans new and old get their adrenaline pumping during his set and had fans literally chasing him around the venue when he started running through the rows during his last song on his current tour. If ZUU and his current live energy are just a glimpse of how far he’s come so far, I’m beyond excited to see what he’ll be bringing to a headlining event in the near future (not to downplay opening for Billie Eilish, which is a massive accomplishment in itself) and I hope everyone gets a chance to catch a set of his this year like I was able to. Take a listen to his new album while you check out the pictures from his Boston date below!


Kyle Musser//@godvfwine