Photography: Death Protector Fest

Posted: by The Editor

If you aren’t aware of how great Florida’s music scene is, you should change that (and you can use the bands in this photo gallery as a start). Put together by Randy of the Gainesville staple Dikembe, the first ever Death Protector Fest featured ten incredible bands from across Florida, along with the Pennsylvania based duo Slingshot Dakota,and was completely free. With help from sponsors Angry Grrrl Music, Fest, SmartPunk, and ourselves over here at The Alt, these bands filled the Backyard at Boca Fiesta and Palomino with a fun, music-packed night, giving Gainesville a little taste of Fest in the middle of May. Check out the photos below while listening to the bands.


Teen Agers


Expert Timing

Pool Kids

Night Witch

Slingshot Dakota

Little League


Lindsy Carrasquillo | @lindsy_carr

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