Photography: Coheed and Cambria, The Used, and Meet Me @ The Altar

Posted: by The Editor

This past weekend, prog rock-heavy hitters Coheed and Cambria graced the stage of the Palladium Outdoors in Massachusetts. While indefinitely postponing their performance of the acclaimed album No World For Tomorrow, this tour instead brought us a co-headlining set with emo pioneers, The Used. Each band seared a dedicated fan base that’ll turn out for them no matter what after shaping their respective genres for the past two decades. When The Used released their eighth album Heartwork in April 2020 and Coheed and Cambria released Shoulders at the beginning of this tour, each band surfaced new music for the audience before plunging deeper into their discographies. To help warm up the crowd, a band currently revitalizing the easycore genre (as well as a recent Fueled By Ramen signee) Meet Me @ The Altar performed tracks from their new EP Model Citizen. With their walk-out hype paired as a band of five women, we were excited to see this band grow and inspire a generation of musicians in scene (and in particular, a genre) constantly dominated by men. We were beyond happy to have our photographer Kyle capture this iconic night in Worcester.

Meet Me @ The Altar


The Used


Coheed and Cambria



Kyle Musser//@godvfwine