Photography: Citizen, Knuckle Puck, HUNNY, Oso Oso

Posted: by The Editor

Citizen and Knuckle Puck are currently on a coheadlining tour across the U.S. bringing songs from their 2017 releases As You Please and Shapeshifter to crowds nightly. Supporting this tour is the newly signed Epitaph band HUNNY and newly signed Triple Crown Records band Oso Oso. While Citizen and Knuckle Puck have been long time favorites of everyone, Oso Oso and HUNNY are just starting to get their footing but have no trouble doing so. Both bands woo’d the crowd in no time and the audience spread their love song after song to them while getting ready to crowdsurf and sing along with Knuckle Puck and Citizen. Knuckle Puck’s roaring energy had people climbing over heads within minutes and gave security a run for their money, making me want to come out of crowdsurfing retirement, showing the whole band why Boston is the best city to play in. While everyone got their energy out to Knuckle Puck, Citizen gave everyone time to recoup and sing along without worrying about whose Doc Martens were about to give you a black eye and enjoy songs from their latest album As You Please all the way back to the album that made us fall in love with them, Youth. Whether you’re a long time fan of these bands or just getting started, this tour gives you an opportunity to hear jams from every era and keep you excited for what’s to come.

Oso Oso


Knuckle Puck



Kyle Musser//@godvfwine