Photography: black midi at Summerstage in Central Park

Posted: by The Editor

black midi’s new record pushed the band’s songwriting skills even further. The U.K. post-rock group are fairly young, and it’s so impressive to see such young musicians taking risks this way. The theme of wrestling and poking fun at machoism came through in their lyricism and in their chaotic yet calculated instrumentals. Lead singer and guitarist Geordie even sported a track suit on the stage. The support to some may come off as a little strange, but when you think about what elements black midi bring to the table, the whole bill actually was cohesive. Sal The Voice, a New York classics cover band highlighted Sal Valentinetti’s signature vocals. The whole set was truly delightful and a stark contrast from Sarah Squirm’s comedy set. Their comedy set, which covered their Jewish, female identity and being from Long Island raised a lot of laughter from the audience. Their goofball style of comedy in tandem with their clown costume and slighted by their at times filthy comedy broke the ice for the crowd. Overall the show was entertaining from start to end. Sarah was there snapping pics, check them out!

Sarah Squirm

Sal The Voice

black midi

Photos by Sarah Knoll

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