Photography: Bastille and Joywave

Posted: by The Editor

If you’ve stepped outside in the last five years, you’ve more than likely heard Bastille. He’s been garnering endless airtime on the radio and crept into countless playlist across all streaming platforms. I personally, have had his newest record, Doom Days on repeat during my daily workout routine (surprisingly I’m more of a pop guy than a hardcore guy when it comes to running because my brain needs to synchronize footsteps with the beat) and Quarter Past Midnight was one of my favorite songs of 2018. The format of Doom Days is that it tells the story of a late night party all the way the way until sunrise and time stamps every song as a different part of the heightened night. To portray the time stamp the album clocks live, Bastille kicked off their set with a clock on their backdrop just before diving into Quarter Past Midnight. The night continued to feel like the carelessness and endless happiness a late night joyride with your friends would give you on any given summer night. I found myself floating mentally along to each track and grounding myself to dance along to Happier with the packed crowd. Realizing the setlist was slowly dwindling was a sad moment until they encored their massive hit “Pompeii” and we collectively chanted back one last time before leaving to the show to maybe even create our own chain of “Doom Days” events. Their show is undeniably a wonderful experience start to finish and if the tour is coming near you, I recommend you make your way out to it! Until then, you can see Kyle’s picture from the night below!




Kyle Musser//@godvfwine