Photography: Basement, Nothing, Teenage Wrist, Fiddlehead

Posted: by The Editor

After reuniting in 2014, Basement hasn’t thought about stopping anytime soon. After delivering us their 2018 album Beside Myself, we can hear the switch in influences from 90’s grunge bands like Failure to a more alternative rock feel similar to Jimmy Eat World. While the music shows us a change in direction compared to previous efforts such as Colourmeinkindness, the lyricism and energy still reminds you of your first venture into Basement. Even after being a band for just under ten year, Basement continues to give audiences an engaging and memorable show that will keep everyone wanting to see them tour after tour. Providing support on this tour is Nothing, Teenage Wrist, and Fiddlehead who all released albums the previous year as well. Opening the show, Fiddlehead (which we can rightfully call a supergroup featuring members of Have Heart, Basement, and Youth Funeral) was ready to get everyone moving while vocalist Pat Flynn found himself over the barricade multiple times drawing the crowd in. Their blend of alternative rock with punk vocals lets audiences feel welcomed and warmed up in the beginning of the show to lead into seeing Teenage Wrist. Reminiscent of Basement’s previous label mates Superheaven, Teenage Wrist gave us a powerful grunge rock performance that reminds us why they’re the best up and coming rock band. Immediately hitting the audience with thick guitar tones, punchy bass hooks, and a perfect rock voice, everyone was drawn in to what was going to become their new favorite band. Teenage Wrist’s 2018 album Chrome Neon Jesus has a blend of sounds on every song that most bands would fail to recreate live that they had no trouble making sound flawless and left the audience in complete awe when they wrapped up their set. Putting a shoegaze band right before Basement’s set seems like an odd idea until you realize how loud and engaging Nothing are on stage. Funny enough, this is the only time I’ve seen Nothing where something didn’t break on stage during the first song. Along for this tour was Doyle from fellow shoegaze band Cloakroom and hearing his voice mixed into Nothing’s songs alone is enough reason to make anyone want to see their set. Their loud atmospheric guitar sounds and heaving hitting bass filled the room for the entirety of their set which made people stay fully awake and aware of what was going on leading us right into Basement’s high energy set. Whether you’ve never seen Basement before or have gone to tour after tour, this string of shows is something that the entire spectrum of fans will enjoy while being woo’d by three phenomenal opening bands.


Teenage Wrist