Photography: Bad Suns and Charlie Hanson

Posted: by The Editor

Bad Suns released their third album, Mystic Truth, this March delivering us 10 new songs of musical warmth. Mystic Truth is the perfect record to put on during those early days of spring where you roll the windows in your car down for the first time and breathe in the fresh air. While still following the themes of their previous releases, we are given a deeper perception to the lyrics and grittier instrumentation than what we hear on their 2016 release, Disappear Here. Bad Suns are currently on tour across the U.S. to promote their new album with support from Charlie Hanson and Kyle was at their sold out Boston date to take pictures of the night.

Charlie Hanson

Drawing influence from contemporary pop icon Billie Eilish, Charlie Hanson came out immediately ready to get the crowd excited for the night ahead of them. Performing songs about her first love, heartbreak, and friends that have gone down the wrong path, she delivered us a performance that felt genuine to how she truly felt when she wrote those songs.  Her short yet memorable set was enough to get the crowd engaged and ready to see Bad Suns come on next.

Bad Suns

Within moments of walking on stage and picking up their instruments, Bad Suns was getting the crowd singing along to their new song “Away We Go” while singer Christo Bowman made his way around the stage getting everyone moving. It’s more than fair to say the crowd was warmed up and ready to sing their hearts out after just one song and their energetic stage presence made the crowd respond with equal movement. Whether they played new songs or songs from their two previous albums, the crowd showed the same love that made Bad Suns feel right at home on the complete opposite side of the country from their hometown. If you find yourself listening to Mystic Truth this spring or singing along to classics like “Swimming in the Moonlight”, then get yourself a ticket to see them on their current tour (but hurry because they’re selling out shows night after night) and if you find yourself listening to Billie Eilish’s new album this year, then get to the show early and see the next up and coming pop star, Charlie Hanson.


Kyle Musser//@godvfwine