Photography: Angels & Airwaves and Bad Suns

Posted: by The Editor

Angels and Airwaves have returned better than ever with their latest album, Lifeforms. After frontman Tom DeLonge’s seven year break to pursue and succeed at exposing the existence of aliens, he has returned with a reignited love for touring and recording. Lifeforms delivers from front to back, pulling elements from their previous albums as well as DeLonge and Dave Kennedy’s punk roots. 

On the Lifeforms tour, Angels and Airwaves cover their entire discography with trademark DeLonge banter in between tracks. With support from LA indie rockers Bad Suns, the combined sets made for nothing but a night of pure happiness among the crowd. While the Lifeforms tour is drawing to a close, you’ll be able to relive it with our pictures that Kyle took at their stop in Boston while you stream the new album below!


Kyle Musser//@godvfwine