Photography: Alex G, Hop Along, and Saintseneca at Union Transfer

Posted: by The Editor

It’s no argument that Alex G has cemented their stance as an icon in the indie rock scene. Their music has transformed and molded itself to become a recognizable sound in this sphere. Always pushing their sound further and further with each record, Alex G continues to impress us with the risks they’re taking and how well they pay off. Accompanied by fellow legends, Saintseneca, a band that is a staple in the indie-rock canon of recent years, the night at Philly’s Union Transfer was one to remember. However, beyond the beautiful performances, the night held a more significant meaning. The performance was held to benefit the family of Steven Poponi, a team member of both Alex G and Saintseneca, who suddenly passed away last October. If you would like to contribute to the family, the link for the Poponi family is at the end of this gallery. Jay was at the show taking some stellar pics, check them out!


Hop Along

Alex G

Photos by Jay Leiby

You can donate to Steve Poponi’s family here.

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