Photography + Review: Copeland

Posted: by The Editor

This year, we’ve seen many nostalgia-fueled anniversary shows and it goes to show that even in 2023, people still care about what they listened to in 2000’s. Copeland has set out on their latest tour playing their 2003 album Beneath Medicine Tree in full. Immediately upon taking the stage, vocalist Aaron Marsh cracked a joke about signing into our MySpace accounts (do you think Tom is still our friend?) and “reconnecting with our previous selves” to which an audience member yelled back “I never disconnected”. Speaking for myself, my favorite Copeland record is You Are My Sunshine so hearing “Chin Up” to kick off the set won me over immediately.  The band then played a few hits from their two latest releases Ixora and Pope before diving into Beneath Medicine Tree

With nostalgic visuals cycling through a projector screen behind them, Copeland began to breathe life into their 2003 album. The album’s run of  “Priceless”, “Take Care”, “When Paula Sparks”, and “California” pack a large punch, and hearing it live was no different. The seamless transitions between songs that evolve into the grand ending of “California” live felt like hearing the record for the first time. After “California”, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Almost everyone in attendance was chanting back the lyrics to “Coffee”, proclaimed by Aaron as “the sing along song”, before “Walking Downtown” and the somber send off of “When Finally Set Free”. We were lucky enough to be in attendance on the opening night of this tour in Boston and we hope that everyone makes it out when it comes to your city. The remaining dates for this tour can be found HERE.



Kyle Musser//@godvfwine