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Let’s get a little perspective on this band: They’ve grown up together in a quaint New Hampshire town not far from me, and have been writing music together in various bands since they picked up their instruments. The chemistry between them is undeniable; and even with some musical chairs between band roles over the past few years, they’re still on par with the genre’s heavy hitters.

Perspective… have never been ones to hop on a bandwagon. Even on their first release, the band was clearly trying to cultivate their own power pop version of emo. Catalogued somewhere between Grown Ups and Motion City Soundtrack, the Nashua natives are back with that sound but even more ambitious on Lousy, their latest full length and first release on Lauren Records.

Due out September 27th, Lousy is adventurous and without inhibitions. Listening to the record for the first time I couldn’t help but smile. You can skip to any song and tell the band is just having fun making music and doing what they love. It also highlights their true upbringing; what better way for a group of band geeks and choir kids to start off a punk record but with an a cappella introduction.

Today we’re super excited to bring you “The Gang Goes On Tour”, the first single from the record. It’s definitely a summer jam. The warm guitar and beady bass tones basically pull you into your car and put you on autopilot until you’re in your friend’s driveway picking them up for a day at the beach. They also left a little room in the song structure for a mathy break and a celebratory, rock-the-fuck-on outro. Lousy is anything but what its title suggests, and in all honesty is some of the band’s most refined work. Listen to the track below and preorder the record from Lauren Records here.



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