EP Premiere: Pale Lungs – ‘Grow Towards the Sun’

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Turning personal emotion into art can be a difficult task for many. Not only does it force you to come face to face with negativity itself, but it can also take toll on one’s mental health. But for alt-indie quartet, Pale Lungs, there are lessons to be learned from it all. Today, The Alternative has the pleasure of premiering the band’s new record, Grow Towards the Sun — an honest look at the band’s personal growth delivered in luscious layers of reverb, harmonies, and poetry.

The Tennessee-natives have allowed themselves to grow naturally since their formation in 2016. Their previous EP,  Strawberry, teased the band’s sharp songwriting, displaying a poetic honesty that tickled your guts. The technicality and level of detail woven into the notes throughout Strawberry sparkled with hope while leaving hints of bitterness.

Grow Towards the Sun feels like a natural progression for the band. While all of their stylistic signatures are present, the band dive head first into experimentation, delivering a work of art that leaves every word quivering in the air for a moment. Throughout Grow Towards the Sun, Pale Lungs manage to flawlessly intertwine sour notes into their shimmering chord progressions.

Everything about the band feels larger than before. The layers of vocals and guitars reverberate throughout the back of your skull, as though they’re playing in the room with you. Grow Towards the Sun feels triumph itself; as though you’re conquering the negativity together. “Grow Towards the Sun is a collection of songs documenting the trials of a transient lifestyle, processing long-held grief, and ultimately arriving at a place of growth,” says the band. “It’s a sonic departure from the previous EP, Strawberry, while still picking up where it left off.”

Grow Towards the Sun is poised to help Pale Lungs reach new heights. Each song flows into one another with ease, while still allowing the band to bare their soul effectively. The emotions are raw and the passion is there.

Grow Towards the Sun is available everywhere on September 21st. But until then, catch Pale Lungs on tour with Runaway Brother.

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