Orchards Bring A Fresh Sound on “Age of You”

Posted: by admin

Photo by Jessie Morgan

Last week Brighton UK’s Orchards dropped the new video for their track “Age of You” off their recent 8 track Losers/Lovers EP on Big Scary Monsters. “Age of You” is a good example of their fresh sound which combines the rhythmic sharpness of mathier indie bands (TTNG and Pool Kids), with the smooth jazzy vocals of vocalist Lucy Evers which call to mind the similarly smooth Jelani Sei or the punkier Looming.

The song builds to a cathartic release as the band members describe ‘what makes them happy’ throughout the video on a therapist’s couch. “I’ve been talking to myself late at night.” The band are now playing their first headlining UK tour, and hopefully they’ll be headed to America soon.

Check out the video below, and listen to the rest of their EP on Spotify.


Henderson Cole // @HendoSlice

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