Premiere: Old Notes – Mango Live Session

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

Old Notes Mango Session Promo 3

California trio Old Notes have released new live videos (filmed by Joey Tobin) for “Urn/Ashes” and “Limbless”, off their 2016 record, Former Self from their recent Mango Live Session.

The live videos showcase the full sound that Old Notes are known for, recreating what Former Self did in a mix that goes over well live. The ambiance is captured brilliantly in these Mango Sessions, showcasing the bands ability to create stellar dynamics that crash at perfect times. The live energy of “Limbless” is highlighted thanks to the urgency of the screams.

In their August 2016 debut, Former Self, Old Notes seamlessly blended elements of emo and ambient rock, with twinges of pop-punk instrumentals to create a powerful breakthrough record.

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Photos courtesy of Joey Tobin

Old Notes Mango Session Promo 2


– Sean Gonzalez