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Even amidst a global pandemic, Walter Etc. never cease to bring a sense of joy and warmth to listeners. Their second LP, Dark Comedy Performance Piece Of My Life is officially out today, and it could not have come at a better time.

The title says it all; the album is a twisted yet comical look into the life of someone braving a life-altering romantic loss and an existential crisis, all rolled into a quirky folk-punk package. We’ve all been there, some of us more than others, and these shared experiences are what make frontperson Dustin Hayes’ songwriting so captivating. Dark Comedy Performance Piece Of My Life is lethargic yet uplifting, reminding us that we really aren’t alone in our apathetic struggles, and we might as well make something worthwhile out of them. Whether you’re eating “Burritos Alone” or feel like “Things Are Going Too Good”, Hayes has probably written a song that you will, without a doubt, strongly relate to.

It’s more than a break-up album though, it’s a record about the embarrassing realities of life. It’s an honest re-telling of what it feels like when your life turns sour, it’s the side of yourself you don’t show on social media. What only your best friend knows, and what you’ll both laugh about five years down the line. While on the surface an album about a disintegrating relationship may sound like a droning catalog of past encounters, Dark Comedy Performance Piece Of My Life is a surprisingly upbeat reflection of how we navigate the roller coaster ride we call life. Full of cheeky one-liners, the record shows Hayes at his best, but also features a completely new side of the band.

Produced by Ian Farmer (Modern Baseball, Slaughter Beach, Dog, e.t.c) and recorded at The Metal Shop in Philadelphia, the album has a fuzzy lo-fi feel to it. However, it’s loaded with whacky synth beats, funky riffs, and more. While Walter Etc. are known to be rather chill, this album takes that reputation, and pushes it to a slightly experimental level, but not without intention. Dark Comedy Performance Piece Of My Life is truly a gumbalia of genres, and a sonic representation of what it feels like when life throws you a wrench when you need a screwdriver. 

LPs and zines are available through Making New Enemies, and cassettes can be ordered through Slang Church.


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