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NATL PARK SRVC, a 7-strong Minneapolis Orchestral Indie Collective, has just dropped their sophomore record MAGICIAN right in time for Halloween. Shrouded in a dark, cinematic feel, the album explores occult rock, glittering pop, and enchanting synths. This is laid overtop themes of self-reflection and acceptance of both the body and the spirit.

To celebrate MAGICIAN’s release, the band decided to put together a playlist that showcases mystical songs fit for the spookier season. They’ve also included a few words from different members of the group that have extra special meaning for them.


Dylan Woytcke: vocals, guitar, synthesizers

Nathan Zillmer: bass

Sam Tudor: violin

Sage Livergood: drums

Wes Muilenburg: saxophone

Joe Keyport: slide guitar, lap steel, trombone

Jared Leger: guitar

1. Elvis Costello & The AttractionsBeyond Belief

2. The Steve Miller BandAbracadabra

“This is a Halloween party essential for me, just as long as no one is really listening super close to it. The synthesizer is highlighted over the lyrics here, unlike in MAGICIAN where the lyrics are a little deeper but the synth is just as rich.” – Nathan

3. The PoliceCan’t Stand Losing You

“Something very sinister about the lyrics in this one, and behind them, one of the coolest dance rock songs ever. Stewart Copeland is a beast on drums. My second favorite drummer, behind Sage. Pick any great Police song and it fits perfectly in the cool fall evening air. Sunglasses on at night.” – Dylan

4. WU LYFWe Bros

5. Emma Ruth RundleLight Song

“Most of my musical contributions to MAGICIAN involved trying to play into the vibe or filling out the emotion. I found myself scouring albums from artists like Emma Ruth Rundle to pull bits of inspiration that could be pieced into NATL PARK SRVC’s pop-based musical center.” – Joe

6. Tom WaitsHoist the Rag

“As soon as it becomes Fall, Tom Waits becomes a staple in my rotation. His lyrical abilities and the wonky compositions in his work are perfect Halloween music.” – Joe

7. Tim HeckerGhostwriting Pt. I

“This song is like a hovering shadow, a cloud of doubt with a lattice of hopeful light poking holes through it” – Wes

8. M83 Graveyard Girl 

9. Joe WalshA Life Of Illusion

“Fried slide guitar, introspective lyrics. What’s not to love?” – Nathan

10. Tyler, the CreatorNEW MAGIC WAND

“There’s such creative production choices on this song, and Tyler’s always had such a huge influence on me musically. A song perfect for fall weather.” – Sage

11. Fleetwood MacYou Make Loving Fun

“The lyrics in this song uses mysticism and the occult to convey a deeper meaning that I find fascinating.” – Sage

12. Ben FoldsMagic

“Title speaks for itself, but it also has this melancholy feel that reminds me of some of our stuff lyrically. Also, this is one of those rock songs where the orchestral elements feel completely natural.” – Sam

13. Black MidiWelcome To Hell

“I don’t have any examples of direct influence this had on the record, but I listened to it constantly around the time we were writing parts. It definitely contributed to some of the parts I wrote (specifically in Hypnotize and Outro) having absolute chaos within the harmonic structure of the song” – Sam

14. CulprateWhispers, Pt. 1

15. Blue Oyster Cult(Don’t Fear) The Reaper

“Truly the ultimate October song. Do me a favor, grab three friends and drive around during a cool October night, windows down with this song blasting. You won’t regret it.” – Dylan

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Hope Ankney | @hope_ankleknee

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