Track Premiere: Moss Jaw – “Dry Remains”

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With dynamic soundscapes that could be found sandwiched somewhere in the middle of the likes of Carissa’s Weird or Modest Mouse, comes Kalamazoo’s brightest new band, Moss Jaw. I guess “new” might not be the best descriptor, though, as the quartet features members of local DIY greats The Reptilian and Vines. This project is a clear departure from their past efforts, featuring songwriting that is much more refined and articulate when compared to their abrasive and chaotic screamo roots. This step in a different direction is perfectly exemplified on “Dry Remains,” the second single from Moss Jaw’s debut LP Embody.

In one word, this track is atmospheric. Guitarist-Singer Kayley Kerastas’ vocals float almost hauntingly over the delicate incoming wave of guitars and drums as they build into an expansive tangle of overdrive, only to retreat to solemnity once more. If you are a fan of bands like Palm, Big Thief, or Bethlehem Steel, you’d be doing yourself an immense disservice by not streaming Moss Jaw’s new track below. Embody comes out April 26 on Already Dead Records.


AJ Boundy

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