Massa Nera Announce 4-Way Split & Stream New Track

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Punk knows no borders. Punk is one of the few remaining places we can all retreat to when we need to be reminded we’re here and we’re together. When Joilette was detained at the Canadian border earlier this month, our community raised over $5000 to get them home safely. Unlike our political climate, there are no constraints, whether geographic or otherwise, in punk. On 7.1.19, Canadian natives dianacrawls will join forces with New Jersey’s Massa Nera, Illinois’ Frail Body, and Virginia’s Infant Island to release Hymnes aux désarrois de la peau.

Today we are lucky enough to premiere the first song off Hymnes aux désarrois de la peau, “Nunca Seremos lo Mismo” from Massa Nera. The song is the longest and one of the most ambitious on the split, clocking in at just over 5 minutes. Massa Nera have never been ones to stray away from experimentation, and their solo contribution to the split showcases that on their sleeves. The introduction is an onslaught of power, with machine-gun drumming and angular guitar work. It eventually opens up into a more melodic soundscape, and even allows room for a violin feature. Screamo has seen a surplus of bands starting up in recent years, and with a propensity to rehash common tropes within the genre, its super refreshing to hear a band pushing forward and sparking new ingenuity. The entire split is very well constructed; the bands’ only common denominator is their genre. Other than that, the individual artists complement each other which different styles and unite over one theme: the punk community.

Photo by Raf Santos

Mark Boulanger (drummer, co-lyricist) had this to say about the song:

“A long time in the making, this split has come to mean a great deal to everyone involved. Countless hours were spent coordinating with various people, thinking of packaging ideas (most of which were too far-fetched to be practical), and wondering if this thing was ever going to see the light of day. Fortunately, all of that effort was well worth it. We hope people are as excited about this as us. This song is about racism, retraumatization, the hijacking of narratives, and defiance in the face of these persistent abuses. “

Listen to “Nunca Seremos lo Mismo” below!

The split is a collaborative release from labels all over the world, the full list of distributors can be found below with links to preorder:

Middle Man Records

Dickcrush Records

Santapogue Media

RIP In Peace Records

People Places Records (US/Canada)

Le Blast Records (Canada)

Zegema Beach Records (Canada)

No Funeral Records (Canada)

Dingleberry Records (Germany)

i.Corrupt Records (Germany)

Pundonor Records (Spain)

Blessedhands Records (Italy)

Dasein Records (Denmark)

Listen to Aylin Records (Norway)

A Fond d’Cale Productions (France)

Dance Happy Doom Crew (New Zeland)

Left Hand Label (United Kingdom/Germany)


Christopher Thomas // @ChrisMustard

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