Video Interview: Maneka Has Clear Eyes, A Full Heart, and Can’t Lose

Posted: by The Editor

“I always have this regret after the set, like, oh god, did I talk for five minutes or something?” On a new episode of The Alt’s talk show Get Involved, I spoke with Devin McKnight of Maneka just a few days after his searing set at the delightful Bushwick, Brooklyn rock club The Broadway. After a classically disastrous weekend subway ride that sent me hurtling the wrong direction into Queens, I’d missed the first couple of songs of the set, and arrived in the midst of a playful back-and-forth between McKnight and an audience that was very encouraging of mid-song banter.

Besides getting into the behind-the-scenes details of his live shows, we talked about Maneka’s recently-released album: the expansive, spiky and profoundly compelling rock LP Dark Matters. Also: the contemporary rock audience’s desire for slightly weird listening experiences, and the boons of binging Friday Night Lights. Watch the full video, handily embedded above, and get the full scoop. 
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Find Dark Matters by Maneka here. He’s playing shows continuously through the spring and will make an appearance on the bill at the upcoming Massachusetts festival NICE, a fest.

Molly Mary O’Brien | @missmollymary

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