Live Session: Well Wisher “Waste My Time”

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“Life is what you make of it,” Natalie Newbold sang as she seamlessly dropped into the bridge of “Waste My Time”, the song that opened her set at the third Sounds from the House session, fitting a ponderously preeminent reminder into an appropriately brief piece. The song comes from the distinctly guitar-driven outfit, Well Wisher, which emerged as a result of Newbold and Erik Romero’s desire to start recording songs that didn’t quite fit for their previous project, the revered New Jersey band, dollys.

Newbold performed an affable solo set, just her, her guitar, and a roomful of courteous listeners. “It feels so nice as an artist when your audience is so attentive even when you’re playing quietly,” she mentioned in an interview. It was a strong performance, regardless of lower dynamics, that shared the excitement for her recent pivot to lucid pop punk.

“‘Waste My Time’ was written a little over a year ago and is about being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t show up for you,” Newbold said of the song. In-between tactful yet fervent strums of her Fender Duo-Sonic, she sings, “Time’s been accumulating/ Will you make me wait, or will you waste my time?” The classic questions that inevitably swirl around in the self-doubt that comes along with realizing someone you care about might just be holding up your life.

Look out for more music from Well Wisher this September, but for now, watch this live session video for, “Waste My Time,” and download the full set on Bandcamp!

You can download the whole session along with all our previous sessions for Pay What You Want HERE!

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Video Credits:
Audio Engineer – Ryan Hillsinger
Mixing and Mastering – Ryan Hillsinger
Video Editing – Savan Sekhon
Videographers –Savan Sekhon, Anthony “Big Body” Comi, and Doug Gallo, Zach Nystrom
Interview by Deanna DiLandro / @deannadilandro
Post edited by Chris Musser / @ChrisMustard

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