Live Session: The Most Live At The Turret Tower

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The Most, an exhilarating math-rock group hailing from Connecticut, kick things off with “First Frost”, a track from their currently-in-progress LP. This track highlights the group’s ability to blend math-y guitar tones with the harmonies of both a tenor and soprano sax—an instrument not just uncommon to what the band describes as “eclectic math rock”, but in general. You can tell that they aren’t just another rock band that decided to throw in some reeds for the hell of it, these instruments are integrated into the composition of the actual music alongside tappy guitar parts typical of the genre.

After seeing them at Fest this year, it was clear to me that there was something unique about them. While other math rock bands tend to lose the listener at times with riffs that drone off, The Most uses their professional unison to hone a sound niche to the genre itself. With the combination of not just odd time signatures, but jazz modes and “emo woo’s,” The Most lays down a blanket of simplistic yet beautiful leads that simultaneously challenge and appease the listener.

In the video itself the entire band is wearing the exact same outfit, a pink shirt, khakis and black sneakers. But every member has a very slight variation—someone’s barefoot, there are some cuffed khaki shorts. Much like the seamless musical blend, it offers a sense of unity with encouraged personal expression incorporated. Or, they just thought it would be funny to all wear the same outfit.

The second song, “Five-Point-Palm Exploding-Heart-Technique”, opens up with a cacophony of noise, followed by a minute of seamless perfection which is far from a foreign concept to them. “Rapid Fractals, we’ve been here before.” The licks this band lays out are similar to the ever repeating fractals that take us back to where we have been. Even after gang vocals, solos, and time changes, the band never ceases to call back to familiar sounds, reminding us of where we’ve been.

Check out the bands hilarious tweets here.


Jordi Perbtani // @foxwoodfl

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