Live Session: Serencia – “Morning”

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AGL Sounds

We’re beyond excited to announce that we’re partnering with AGL Sounds recording studio located in New Brunswick, NJ to bring you live sessions with our favorite bands. What’s an announcement without some cool content to back it up, so take a look at our first session featuring the band Serencia below!

Our live sessions with AGL will take a few different forms, with some being much more extensive and others being low key acoustic recordings. This video is the first of our “One Take Series” which will be filming live sessions in a variety of locations and of course in one take. Enjoy.

In this video the Lancaster band Serencia performs the single “Morning” from their latest record, Morning Blues. This session was recorded in the AGL studio while the band was there recording, and the video features some footage of their recording session earlier that day.
“It starts in the morning, I swear I don’t mean to , but I cut my ties from the people I’m used to”
Serencia is a four-piece Indie Folk band from Lancaster, PA. Their new single “I Touch Heaven” drops on Valentine’s Day 2018 (tomorrow), featuring a full-band rendition of their delicate and intricately knit acoustic sound.
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Video Credits:
Filmed By: Ryan Hillsinger, Savan Sekhon, and Anthony “Big Body” Comi
Audio Editing By: Ryan Hillsinger, and Doug Gallo
Video Editing By: Ryan Hillsinger, and Anthony “Big Body” Comi

Henderson / @HendoSlice

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