Live Session: Lomelda at The Chateau

Posted: by The Editor

Lomelda‘s 2017 album Thx is hushed and focused. It’s music that demands all of its listener’s attention, not because it’s taxing, but because it hinges on an intimacy with its environment. It requires a silent, captivated audience, and when that setting is secured, songwriter Hannah Read will reward you for your attentiveness. Read writes quiet, unassuming indie-folk songs that inconspicuously sew themselves into gorgeous quilts of starry guitar strums, chilly basslines, and lilting croons. It’s night music in that it’s soft and pleasant to put on before bed, but also in that it literally sounds like the process of letting your mind run to places pleasant and disconcerting before dozing off.

Back in the spring, Lomelda played at The Chateau, a DIY venue in Albany, NY that’s now delving into the live video game. Watch Read play the first two tracks off of Thx in her absolute element, a cozy room so quiet you could hear a pin drop. It’s the closest you’ll get to experiencing her intensely stark live show without actually being there.

Video shot by Kenna Hynes and Dan Maddalone.

Audio Edited by Dan Maddalone

Video Edited by Derick Noetzel.

Eli Enis | @eli_enis

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