Live Session: Caracara “Evil”

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Photo By: Emily Dubin

What Philly alt-rockers, Caracara, are most interested in when you listen to, “Evil,” the track that opens their incandescent, first full-length record, Summer Megalith, is what “evil” means to you. “We try and use our music to create a scene into which you can project your own narrative,” guitarist and vocalist, Will Lindsay, said of the song.

I suppose this is a good moment to quickly remind you, the reader, that behind the screen is a real person (not a friendly algorithm) experiencing real feelings. I am present and in the room for these sessions, swelling up with compassion for everyone around me and humbled to be appreciating such a rare musical moment.

I’ve mentioned my awareness of the characteristically inherent vulnerability that I felt watching each band’s performance during this particular session of Sounds from the House, and that hasn’t been by accident. A Boy Named John, ManDancing, and Caracara each presented a distinct, warm comfortability with communicating the brazen tremors of their unique emotional experiences. I can’t exactly speak for everyone else in the room, but what I can tell you is that through their stories, I could hear the echoes of my own.

To me, inflicting, emotional, mental, or physical harm onto another human being due to an utter lack of empathy or the desire to achieve it, makes up deep-rooted evil. For Lindsay, it’s about duality. “It’s about how there’s evil in everyone,” he said. After an ethereal jam, the song begins in a flash with the words, “I watched you fall apart/ What can I say?/ I said nothing.” Because what can you say when you’ve said everything? When you’ve feverishly tried to mend imbalance to the point that you can no longer see the amity in the person looking back at you? To this end Lindsay wonders, “Where is your heart/ Could you at least build a fake one?”

“Evil,” contains a dynamic arc that is a reflection on the decay of relationship, when a place of harmonious understanding is left with harrowing disconnect. Caracara speaks of this abysmal state of being while using the combined tender melodies of Lindsay’s guitar, George Legatos’ bass, Sean Gill’s drums, Carlos Pacheco-Perez’s Rhodes, and Will Shade’s saxophone to soothe the often uneasy acknowledgement that “it’s never the change you want that changes everything.”

You can download the whole session along with all our previous sessions for Pay What You Want HERE!

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