Listen To This: Bridges Will Break – ‘Votive’

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0008107260_10Today exclusively we at The Alternative are telling you something. Here it is. You ready? Listen to this band. Bridges Will Break comes from Colorado Springs, Colorado and a few weeks ago released this EP Votive.

It’s a record that meshes emotional outpours of failing to be there when people need it. It’s raw, full of discordant screams or soft, heart twisting melodies. The guitars are low, rumbling through the mix and syncopating beautifully with driving drum patterns. It’s a record that people may have never come across in their life, but hopefully now they can hear it and bleed with it. Don’t sleep on Bridges Will Breal

Votive- offered, given, dedicated, etc., in accordance with a vow: 

The promise of a “being” in a band incites different things, but most often, it reveals the promises you make with one another, that you never plan to get back.
Bridges Will Break was started 6 years ago by Zach Bauer & Ben Geiger. Along the way, through a multitude of member changes, the band had gained Joey Macasero & Taylor Ashley. 

The winding staircase of 6 years bring endless emotions—loneliness, frailty and fanaticism among many. This is to say, through stumbling and disparity, that the band has come cyclical into “what should have been” all those years ago—a complete expression of experience. 

Defined by the soft-spoken clarity of Bauer on “Full Circle”, “…and I lost a lot of time, a lot of time displaced, because when you slipped you never healed”, to the trembling grit of Ashley’s “…I’ve had to let you go, what we could’ve been no one will know…but I don’t see you as just another name on a list” on “At Least For Now”, the most obvious thing present is the shared pursuit of finding the best version of yourself. 

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