Video Interview: Kat Barnish’s Live Show Visuals Embrace the Glitch

Posted: by The Editor

Last autumn, I filmed a show on the roof of the amazing Brooklyn venue Our Wicked Lady. It was an album release show put together by Favorite Friend Records featuring bands like Groupie and Smock, and each set was markedly enhanced by the presence of vibrant, glitchy visuals projected over the stage and its players. It was the work of Kat Barnish, a digital artist who has been creating unique and ephemeral projections for independent Brooklyn bands for several years now.

I talked to Barnish about her extremely interesting analog setup, what it takes to collaborate with a band on visuals, and what happens when you do projections at a venue where the ground is shaking so much that your equipment starts bouncing around.

Kat Barnish can be found on Instagram here.

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Molly Mary O’Brien | @missmollymary

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