Photography: Jockstrap at Zebulon in LA

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Being known as a “Buzz band” is usually viewed as a nasty label to put on a band. I picture bleary-eyed teens airdropped into showcases sponsored by White Claw while A&R reps descend. Career musicians can’t support themselves financially with regional popularity anymore, making it more vital than ever for those chosen few to capitalize on the fleeting moments with their ‘Best New Music’ sheen.

Jockstrap’s Georgia Ellery has long cleared the gap between hype and international tours with Black Country, New Road—a group that’s drawn out the media cycle to success—but I was curious how Jockstrap would fare outside of the club. I’m happy to report that the classically trained duo can bring it to both venues and small rooms. This time around, I caught them at Zebulon in Los Angeles. Hopefully the pictures do it justice.

Take a listen to their newest single while you check out the photos:





Chris Burleson / @chris_b_kreme44

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