Interview: Well Wisher Discuss Debut Record “This Is Fine”

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Well Wisher released their debut album, This Is Fine, September 28th on 6131 Records. Natalie Newbold, the band’s frontperson, created this project after the downfall of their previous group, Dollys. After a messy disbandment, Newbold decided to take the future into their own hands. Creating a plethora of songs to inspire others to take control of their own lives, This Is Fine is packed with personal pleas and crunchy guitars, a real treat to indie-pop lovers alike.

In light of Well Wisher’s sweet introduction to the scene, we took some time to learn a little bit about Newbold. Read more about the New Jersey native’s favorites and the recording process as you stream the album below.

The Alternative: As you enter the world with this debut, what’s something you are most excited about?

Newbold: In the 10-ish years that I have been releasing music into the world this is the first body of work where I’ve written every song! I’m also really excited about how the album artwork came out. My amazing partner, Jenna Murphy, captured exactly what I was picturing in my brain!

Is there anything you would like to share/express with your fans/new listeners about your music?

When I wrote this record, I was going through some of the hardest times in my life. I hope listeners take away a sense of hopefulness from it even if they are going through dark times too. I want my story to help people make those really hard decisions leading to a happier future, rather than settling for a less than adequate present.

What was unique about this recording process?

We loaded up three cars with gear and recording equipment and spent a week at an AirBnb in the Poconos. It was actually a really funny story. When I contacted the people from the Airbnb to ask if we could record in their house they knew who I was from my last project and were stoked to let us record there. I thought that was pretty cool.

What is your favorite part about the release?

One of my favorite parts about the release has been working with the very amazing people at 6131 Records. They have been so helpful and have always worked hard to make all the things we wanted happen. It was also nice to join such an incredible group of artists and records.

How was the recording/writing process?

I wrote the majority of the songs in the Spring and Summer 2017 and the band started working on the arrangements in the Fall. The songwriting process was really cathartic for me. I went through a pretty sour break up with a partner which lead to the breakup of the band that we were in. Much of the record is about how you can’t force someone to love you but you can demand better treatment for yourself. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to walk away.

My best friend Erik Romero recorded and produced the record and was helping out here and there in the arranging process as well. We tracked in January of 2018 at an Airbnb in the Poconos and finished up vocals at home in NJ in March. It was mixed and mastered by Tim Pannella at Cedar Sound Studios.

What were some of your influences?

For songwriting at the time I was listening to a ton a Hop Along, Angel Olsen, Jawbreaker, Elliot Smith and an array of pop. In terms of the lead tones we got on the record we were referencing Pixies and Built to Spill for inspiration.

When was the moment you realized that music was something you wanted to/could pursue professionally?

I was going to quit music while struggling to make ends meet a year after I graduated from college, but my BFF Erik Romero convinced me not too. We were sitting outside his newly purchased home and told me I couldn’t quit. I remember thinking that he was so smart and had made music work for his life. If he believed in me, I felt like maybe I could make it work too.

Some of your Favorites:


It’s so hard for me to narrow down my favs but just to quickly name a few: Doolittle, Sea Change, St Vincent, The Party, My Woman, and Keep it like a Secret!

DIY show attended?

I saw the Screaming Females at Meat Town in New Brunswick while I attended Rutgers and I was so blown away by Marissa’s energy. My friend and I were right up front holding onto the rafters for dear life.

Show you played?

We played Convention Hall with New Found Glory, Bayside, and The Movielife back in May and had a blast. Everyone was so kind and it was dream to play on the same stage as The Beach Boys, Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones just to name a few.

Song you wrote?

My favorite song that I’ve written is “Sweet.” It’s about my amazing and wonderful partner, and how when you are with someone who is always there for you everything seems easier.


The last full Dollys tour with the box truck (AKA the ultimate touring mobile) was one of my favorite tours. It was three weeks or so of some pretty amazing shows in our new, fully outfitted truck. It had bunks, a couch, an AC unit and fit all of our gear perfectly! Sadly I had to sell it.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Thanks to everyone who’s been listening to the record so far! Look out for more tour dates from us in the Winter!

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