Interview: Gardenhead Records Explains What Worker Solidarity Means

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Gardenhead Records just released a rad, nearly-50-song compilation to benefit strike funds and ongoing unionization efforts. It’s got music from artists as diverse as Rivulets, Highnoon, Pile, Empath, String Machine, and Deerhoof (not to mention 40 more). The label is also prepping a limited edition double cassette release. The Alternative spoke with Etai Fuchs of Gardenhead Records to discuss the compilation. Read that below and be sure to check out the comp.

How did you decide what bands to reach out to?
I always try to have a diversity of genres and styles and feature both established artists and relative unknowns. Some artists like Empath, Water From Your Eyes and String Machine put out albums recently which I loved. Others, I knew personally or had been a fan of for years. There were many more artists who never responded or couldn’t contribute for one reason or another.
Why did you decide to create a compilation for May Day?
May Day (International Workers’ Day) is not something I ever heard about growing up. Even Labor Day, and the long history of labor action in the USA, was mostly glossed over in school. It seems like the labor movement has been essentially dead for all of my lifetime, but there’s been quite a resurgence of momentum in the past year. Strikes at Kellogg’s and John Deere and unionization efforts at Starbucks and Amazon seem like the most significant developments in decades. It feels like workers and average Americans have very little power over the future of the country or even their own lives. Organized labor is a way for workers to take back power and advocate for themselves. I had already been organizing music compilations to raise money for causes and it seemed like the most impactful cause to support right now.
What does worker solidarity mean to you?
Worker solidarity means recognizing that everyone benefits from a society where workers live dignified lives and have power in the workplace. People working hourly retail or food service jobs deserve to make a living and have stable and gainful employment just like anyone else. Workers uniting to advocate for themselves is beneficial to workers everywhere, so we should all be supportive of labor action.

Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

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