An Interview with Donovan Melero of Hail The Sun

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Hail The Sun

Hail The Sun is one of those band’s that comes around and never stops creating interesting pieces of art. Between their chaotic, mind bending atypical patterns are wildly memorable hooks and ear shattering lyrical concepts. The brevity of a band like this keeps the post-hardcore industry on the edges of their seat because there’s no telling what the hell is going to happen next. Seeing the performance live is even more mezmerizing. Watching a singer belt out with a full voice while flying through each piece of a drum kit takes more than skill, but a muscle memory attuned to that of a music innovator.

Mental Knife is the upcoming release from the band, and recently the quartet has dropped a few singles in preparation. Of course, the shock value is impeccable. With a tremendous ear for constantly creating, Donovan Melero is the charging force that keeps batting one thousand while sliding through the weaves of the industry. The Alternative had a chance to chat with Melero, and is also reminding everyone to make sure to check this act live.

Mental Knife is out on September 28th via Equal Vision Records. You can preorder it here.

The past two or three times you have been through Denver I have been at the show. Every time I am beyond amazed. Congrats on the new record, what are the feelings in your camp right now?

That’s so great to hear! I am so happy you have been there to support! Right now we are all very excited. We just cant wait to show people what we have been working on.

Community is such an integral part to the music industry, how has thecommunity surrounding you and Hail The Sun allowed you to continue to find inspiration to create records?

We feel like we live in our own little community, of diehard post hardcore fans. You have bands like DGD doing top 10 records these days, and a resurgence of this sound from post punk days – it’s amazing. It allows us to continue to make music that we love with such immense support behind it.

“Mental Knife” is the lead single and title track, mind explaining the concept behind it?

It’s about removing the parts of one’s self that one does not like because they can lead to unfavorable feelings. I like to imagine surgically taking these parts out of my brain, but in the end it’s our defects that make us who we are, as well.

Where does the drive to keep creating stem from? How do you keep constantly perfecting this sound?

I think I was very lucky to meet 3 other individuals who have dedicated their life to this. That in itself is inspiring enough to keep going. We all feel like as a unit we are especially unstoppable. And we write what we love.

With so many wild things happening between the instruments, how does a song start to shape? How do you find vocal lines to put over top of some of these hectic parts?

On ore hectic parts I just let the part come to me – whether it happens right before I fall asleep, or in the shower, or while driving. I can never force it. I just have to be present in my mind when it hits.

Any last words?

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you – for taking the time to get my thoughts, for caring about what we do, and for letting us even take up a moment of your day.

Sean Gonzalez // @SeanTheCaptain

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