Interview: Better Love Break Down Their Debut EP and “Pretending”

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Chicago indie outfit, Better Love, just released their latest single, “Pretending”. A bubbly, power pop hit, the song is a reflection of questioning one’s self. After debuting their first EP We Were Younger and Less Put Together earlier this year, the group still has much more up their sleeve.

We caught up with vocalist and guitarist Brad Harvey to learn a little bit more about the band and if Chicago really does have the best deep dish pizza. Take a listen to, “Pretending” as you read our mini interview below.

You just released your debut EP at the beginning of the year, how was that experience?

It was great! For a debut EP the response was a bit unexpected. It was cool to see that more than 5-10 people were into it!

Do you have plans to release another EP? An album?

We’ve actually been talking about this a little more recently. We’re mainly focusing on writing and releasing singles for a bit, but I think it would be safe to expect another EP next year.

I noticed you have David Knox credited on many songs for various different roles, I also know you’re from Chicago. Is this David Knox from Real Friends or a coincidence?

Not a coincidence! Dave was in the studio with us for the EP and helped a lot with production on the songs.

Can you share some of the story behind “Pretending”?

There’s not really much of a story behind it, but lyrically it was inspired by feelings of disconnect from others and being unsure of why. That and questioning the validity of your own thoughts.

How fun was filming the new music video?

It was easily the most fun video to shoot so far! For most of it we pretty much just pressed record and goofed around. We wanted to do something fun and candid because the song itself has a bit of a lighthearted feel, and we wanted to be able to show our personalities a bit through it.

Where do you find inspiration?

Musically we tend to draw inspiration from whatever we’re listening to at the time. As far as lyrics, a lot of times myself and Jackie will write about things we’re experiencing ourselves. Lately I’ve heard of a lot of people writing to movies, basically where they’ll write lyrics about something within a plot line or they’ll play a movie with no sound and just write music to it. That’s something I’ve been meaning to try out.

Any upcoming tours planned?

Can’t confirm anything just yet, but we’re working on some dates for next year!

What do you love about living in Chicago?

There’s a lot to do in Chicago, and there’s a lot of different culture to see/experience. It’s a great city for music and art as well. The food is also pretty good.

Is deep dish pizza really the best?

It’s great! But sometimes there’s nothing that beats a good thin crust. Regardless, Chicago pizza is better than east coast pizza. Oops.

Who are some of your favorite local bands right now?

Old Sol, Kharma, and Capital Soiree.

Do you have any surprises up your sleeve for fans to look forward to?

Pretending isn’t the only song we recorded this year—I mean… what?

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