How To Pitch To Music Sites

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Before I get started, the tips I want to share are just what I’ve picked up on from my years working in music and don’t claim to be any sort of expert. I am just someone who wants to help. For a little background on myself, I got my start working with a few online publications throughout 2013 and 2014 making news posts (albums, EPs, upcoming tours, etc.). I later moved into concert photography as well as interviewing bands, writing album reviews and creating other content. Since October 2017, I’ve been content managing the Gainesville, Florida based music website Lvl To The Room, and now I am writing and editing at The Alternative.

Throughout the years, I’ve figured out the types of pitches I like the best from various artists and what I wish they would send me. So here is some advice, that you can use when submitting to The Alternative (at TheAltSubmissions@gmail) or elsewhere!

Sending The Email:

Before you even send out an email, make sure to look over the publication:

  • Do they cover the type of content you’re pitching?
  • Are they currently looking for new content to cover?
  • Does their audience fit who you want to reach?

Things you should always include in the email:

  • A link to your band’s music (& any professional live videos, which help get a feel for your music)
  • An artist bio & where you’re from
  • A press photo
  • Any relevant social media links (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram)
  • The release date if pitching a single/album/etc
  • If it’s for show coverage, include the venue, date & time, and Facebook event page

The best emails I get are clear, quick, and to the point. I know exactly when an album is coming out, or better yet, get an early review copy that I can send out to the staff to claim, and I have all the attachments necessary to do more research on the artist. Having the right information definitely increases the chance that your music will be covered.

Sample Email:


My band, [name], is releasing [album/video/ep/single] [title] on [date]. We’ve read someone of the past reviews featured on your website and are interested in having a review published on your site or an interview if interested. [background on the band & information on the release]

[press quotes if available]

[link to the album/video/ep/single]

[Other relevant links like Facebook and Bandcamp]

Please let us know if this is something you’d be interested in.

[contact information]

Feel free to attach any necessary materials as well like live videos, a recent press photo, etc. Happy pitching!

Written by Lindsy Carrasquillo // @lindsy_carr

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