Track Premiere: Hot Tang – “Dinosaur”

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Meet Hot Tang, your new favorite indie-pop band from Iowa City, Iowa. We are happy to premiere their new song, “Dinosaur”. This dreamy track is featured on the group’s forthcoming album Mostly Mallords, set to release May 25th through Lauren Records.

Songwriter, vocalist and bassist, Megan Buick, started playing music in middle school after picking up a banjo from a garage sale. At age 15, she decided to give guitar and bass a go. After moving from a quaint suburb of Seattle to Iowa for school, she began traversing local coffee shops. However, playing folky tunes to iced americanos wasn’t really cutting it and she decided she wanted more. Heavily inspired by The Shins at the time, Buick and keyboardist Anna Kahn joined forces to form a “quiet rock band”.

Buick explained that Mostly Mallords is an album “about being lonely or just feeling awkward, but also in love with the magic of the world.” The same tone is seen in “Dinosaur”. The playful track is crushingly personal and yet utterly eccentric. With quaint vocals, followed by a smooth creamy backbeat, listeners are welcomed to jump into the narrative without feeling overwhelmed.

“Dinosaur” is about “feeling awkward at a party where you don’t know anyone, feeling uncool.” Buick continued, “and then falling in love or seeing your crush and it just makes it worse. But it’s a nice feeling too.” While the single is seemingly quirky, it holds a unique and elegant demeanor.

What makes Hot Tang stand out from their peers is the way they are able to tell a story. Simple, and a bit silly, the chorus brings a smile to your face. A vivid picture of this almost disastrous party scene is painted in your mind and pulls listeners in. Even though “Dinosaur” is such a light-hearted track, it maintains a polished and posh sense of self. This is reflected throughout not only Buick’s songwriting, but also the rest of band’s luscious melodies.

Buick shared, “I can be really shy, but I have to remember to advocate for myself, and believe in the art that I make. It’s funny to write songs about feeling awkward and alone as a way to connect with others, but I think a lot of us feel that way.” This clear advocacy rings throughout her work, and is a call-to-action for anyone who may feel a little out of place or alone.

The band is discussing a summer tour, so keep an eye out for any new updates. You can pre-order this collection of what Buick described as, “feel-good sad-songs” now via Lauren Records.

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