Horror Recommendation: The Purge: Election Year

Posted: by The Editor

In One Sentence: The government uses extreme measures to maintain their grip on society and citizens fight back against The Purge, causing a clash of interests and lots of poorly executed plans.

Why You Should Watch: Maybe I liked this movie for reasons you won’t be able to relate to. If you followed Lost, then finding Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet from the island) in another constant struggle for survival almost rekindles your love for the show. And if you have no idea what I’m talking about but are just as confused as to why Jeffrey Dahmer is trending on Facebook as I type this or need to fuel your fear for our country’s seriously uncertain future, toss some popcorn into the microwave and get ready.

By now, we’ve seen how disgusting director James DeMonaco believes we would act if given the opportunity, so don’t expect an exact replica of the first two movies. Don’t worry, you’ll get your gore fix – then direct your attention to the bigger plans put into place towards the end of the last movie.

Naturally, citizens and politicians alike are beginning to refute the benefits of an annual purge (legalizing all crime for a twelve hour period). And naturally the government allowing it, in keeping homeostasis with our own government (like we previously touched upon in our review of the movies’ predecessor here) is fighting back. Follow Frank Grillo reprising his role as Leo Barnes as he once again becomes the only thing separating his friends from a gruesome demise.

Yea, The Purge probably didn’t need a third installment. But when you can buy an Nightmare On Elm Street 9 DVD boxset for $14 I think some directors take it upon themselves to avenge the reputation of the sequel. And while Election Year does some justice and ties up a bunch of loose ends (and even gives a pretty satisfying ending), I won’t be too surprised in a few years when advertisements for the next one pop up.

Favorite Line: “Just remember all the good the Purge does”