Track Premiere: Hodera – “For the Best”

Posted: by The Editor

“For the Best”, the second single taken from Hodera’s forthcoming EP Besides, is an inexorable slice of dreamy, emo-tinged Americana. On this new track, Hodera continue to explore the sounds that made their last release, 2017’s First Thing First, such a singular experience—the track’s sincere lyricism and sweeping sonic landscape are stirring, as the track rises and falls with a white hot intensity.

At once both touching and picturesque, “For The Best” is a slow burner, the kind of song that rewards patience, eventually revealing its true colors to you. Besides is out 11/16 via Take This To Heart Records.

Take a listen to “For The Best” below:

You can preorder Hodera’s Besides EP now from Take This To Heart Records.

Michael Brooks | @nomichaelbrooks

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