Hendo’s Headspace – April 2017

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I spent almost the entirety of April battling allergies, a brutal head cold and the extra stress that comes with both of those things, so I haven’t really had much time to write. But I really think these Headspace columns are a good way for me to tell all of you out there about a bunch of sweet music, so I refuse to skip one. As Calvin once said, “On behalf of all earthly life I defy you.”

Last month I mostly wrote about the great bands I saw at SXSW, but for April, I am going back to the basics and listing all of the awesome tracks that I’ve been listening to recently.

What I’ve Been Listening To….


I need to lead off with the new Charly Bliss record Guppy, which has come out of nowhere to become one of my most listened to records of the year. I hadn’t really listened to them much before this, but I’ve been hooked. It’s a straight up catchy rock record that reminds me of Tancred’s last album, with a bit of Speedy Ortiz thrown in.

Speaking of Speedy Ortiz, this new Great Grandpa track has me very excited for their upcoming release.

The Diet Cig album is out, and I think it rules. Some people might not agree, that’s cool. I love it. These simple 2 piece pop punk tracks pack way more of a punch than you might realize on first listen.

This has also been a pretty great month for hip hop, with the new Kendrick Lamar and Joey Bada$$ albums. Honestly, I’m not sure which one I like better. You should listen to both.

This Shortly song isn’t new but I’ve been listening to it a bunch, and I am very excited to hear more.


Born Without Bones also have a new album coming soon, and the singles so far have been really solid. I did an interview with Scott and discussed recording the long awaited record and some other cool stuff like his love for Third Eye Blind and the gems of his record collection, so yeah in general just go check all of that out.

Despite (all my rage) my illnesses this month, I was able to get out to some great shows, mainly Just Friends, Kississippi, Prince Daddy, and Oso Oso (who have a new Audiotree session) in Brooklyn + Hovvdy and Pinegrove in NYC. All of these bands are great and on their way up, but it was especially cool to see Pinegrove headline a sold out show like that after seeing them so many times in NJ basements and knowing they had the potential to do so many great things. They also announced during the show that they are headed to the studio to record their next album and I would bet this thing charts on Billboard.

I would be foolish not to recommend the new Harmony Woods album. Such tight songwriting here for a debut album. I need to listen more.


I don’t know how I got this far without mentioning the new Rozwell Kid track. This is one of those bands that I wonder if they exist only in my head. Can you all see this too? A rock band that blends the styles of Weird Al and Weezer? YES PLEASE. The 1st single is actually about watching Weird Al’s cult classic comedy UHF. If you haven’t seen it yet you need to. The music video and the movie both. Also SideOneDummy sent me the album early via a URL written on a potato that I got in the mail. Life is pretty cool sometimes.

I can’t stop listening to Vundabar. Funky af. Their new Audiotree session is pretty rad.

The new Topshelf Tape Series has a pretty great lineup, including my chiptune favs (T-T)B , but I am most excited for the new Cool American album. The first single was on point.


The new Pictures of Vernon album is streaming and I love it. When I first saw these guys live I was stunned, (and that was even before Churvel Tragnit started writing for our site), the only thing I can really compare it to was the first time I saw Tiny Moving Parts live. Tight instrumentals yet still full of that DIY Punk energy. A+ noodles (the youngsters tell me these are now called “sparkles”?). Did I mention the drummer/vocalist? It’s fucking amazing how they pull it off. This EP captures that live energy well, and the emo lyrics? >>>>

Way back throw back, but I just watched the YES induction to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, and I really have to recommend any of you that haven’t heard of YES before take a listen. Way ahead of their time. One of my bigger musical influences, also I am 1000% down for bands that wear capes on stage.

Some more good things: new Cende, new Swordfish album, Bully’s first new track since the LP, Jeff Rosenstock releasing a surprise track, new Cayetana album, new Two Inch Astronaut also is a jam, I think that’s enough for ya.



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