Gig Review: Rozwell Kid and Prince Daddy and the Hyena at Elsewhere

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My heart pounding with nerves and feeling lightheaded were my entry point to this gloomy Thursday evening show. Bushwick was looking like the aftermath of a dystopian film, which served as a perfect backdrop for what was to be a night of fiery tunes. The joint tour of two powerhouse pop-punk groups Prince Daddy and the Hyena and Rozwell Kid ripped any sense of gloom to shreds. Having one of the most commemorative and super energy shows of this year. As Eric from Remo Drive would say it was “respectfully rowdy”. With local support Fletcher C. Johnson, it was certainly a night to remember.

Prince Daddy and the Hyena are one of those breeds of bands that you can’t quite put your finger on. They’re not your average punk band by any means. The Albany, NY based band are a force to be reckon with. They offer this sense of reality and comfort. Lead singer Kory Gregory screeching lyrics like “I’ve got a problem with you and your friends/I’ve fucking hate you since you met all of them” are some of the most powerful lyrics and hit me at my core. Their music has a self-awareness to it. The band’s overall friendliness and sensibility are extremely refreshing in a scene where the cross-armed and head nodding denial of the music you love is ever so prevalent. Prince Daddy have an inviting presence that transcends judgment. It’s what keeps the almost obsessive fans of this group coming to every show nearby them.

Ripping through song after song, the band’s high energy never seems to die out. Even taking audience suggestions and playing Green Day’s “Jesus of Suburbia”. Playing “Thrashville 1/3” off their split with Mom Jeans, and Pictures of Vernon as well as tracks off their debut LP I Thought You Didn’t Even Like Leaving. Their jumpy tracks creating a friendly mosh pit as they threw the mic into the crowd at the end of their set. With Prince Daddy and The Hyena just announcing that they’re touring with Remo Drive, there’s lots of excitement to come for the band.

I had never seen Rozwell Kid before, and I wasn’t quite sure how’d they’d be. With a heavy dose of influences such as Weezer and pop-punk bands of the early 2000’s, I didn’t know how well their sound would translate on stage. However, Rozwell Kid are excellent performers. Their “oooooo’s” which are on almost every track echo through the mic and into the crowd almost identical to the tracks. The band, like Prince Daddy, offer a cool and friendly atmosphere to their performance.

Lead singer Jordan Hudkins had some witty banter with the crowd in between tuning. There was also some silliness; they played their song “Wish Man” off of their last record Precious Art at least 4 times… in a row. The track’s opening riff was stuck in my head for days. It’s very clear how Jordan is the glue that binds this band together. His sprawls across the stage and back along with bassist Devin Donnelly whipping his bass in the air are examples of the band’s enthusiasm for the performance. This isn’t just another gig for them as some bands I have seen wither out by the end of their tour. They treat each show as if it’s the first one. Opening up to the audience like they’ve been friends for a while. Rozwell Kid are going to be the bridging gap between emo and pop-punk for sure.

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Writing and photography by Sarah Knoll

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