Exclusive Premiere: Shiloh – ‘Fade’

Posted: by The Editor

Shiloh band

Boston has been known as home base in recent years for a handful of bands, such as Bay Faction and sports., who’ve been twisting the emo formula until it snaps and breaks into something new. With the release of their new EP Fade, Shiloh have now earned themselves a mention in that conversation.

A track like the self-titled intro begins by pulling heavily from the Citizen/Turnover-circa 2013 playbook, but halfway through it switches into a jagged, Modest Mouse-esque breakdown; an intriguing combination of sounds. “T.V.” pulls forward with the nasally inflections of a Manchester Orchestra song, ultimately reaching a sonic climax that tumbles apart similarly to the track that follows it, “Depth.” “Peacekeeping” is a wise closer to the project though, as it’s the punkiest, features urgent, harmonized vocals, and ends with a galloping rhythm that stands apart from the swaying finales of the previous three tracks.

Although picking at soft grunge leftovers in 2017 may, on paper, seem like a stale idea, it’s actually refreshing to hear an emo band merging indie rock with something other than the now-expired Midwestern twinkling. Shiloh might be onto something here.

Stream Fade below ahead of its official release this Friday via Honest Face Records .

Eli Enis | @eli_enis