EXCLUSIVE: No Better Stream Upcoming EP “If It’s Not You”

Posted: by The Editor


No Better will be releasing their surprise EP “If It’s Not You” this Friday, and will be available for purchase on cassette!

Here’s what the band had to say about the EP-

“Writing for a full length is taking a really long while, and we recorded these songs because we wanted to do a short release in the meantime. The recording process was a lot different this time around since our guitarist Anthony did all of the engineering. This is the first full band project that he’s releasing from his Studio, “The Frame,” and we’re really happy with the job he did and really excited to hear other records he makes in the future.

Sonically, we wanted to do something a little more fun and up beat than the previous releases, while still maintaining the melody and melancholy that drove out debut, “Forget me not.” I personally think these are our best two songs yet”

Listen to the EP below

Order the tape here.

The band is also heading out on a brief tour to and from SXSW where they will be playing our unofficial showcase – check out the dates below

No Better Tour