EP Review: The Gulps – ‘ In The Kings House’

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Listening to The Gulps is like experiencing your first punk show all over again. It’s as if you can feel the concentration of pure energy. It’s as if you can taste the Irish whiskey and cigarette coughs. It’s as if you can see the band up on a hazy stage, the community moving as a unit through the rowdiness, suddenly longing to have whatever they’re having. An all-encompassing state of fiery euphoria. The Gulps seem to understand exactly what the foundation of punk is— representing the misanthropic and being the vessel to help shed those chips on your shoulders through their music

Being a five-piece power punk act from London, The Gulps are a breath of fresh air in a scene bogged down with imitators and echoes, lacking the verve to stand apart. Their taste for blending the grit of Rock ‘n’ Roll with pop sensibilities, rolled into a ball of frenzied energy, is a unique approach that garners the group praise. This is only elevated through the attitude and vigor of their latest EP, In The Kings House that dropped in April. 

Strutting about with zest and punch, The Kings House manages to highlight The Gulps’ strongest assets. Drenched in the seltzer of The Sex Pistols and inflated sharpness of the Kinks, the four-track project is a fun and engaging mix that never slows down. The two standouts of the record, the self-titled track and “Let Me Say I’m the One”, are high-energy fuel. The opener, “The King’s House” incorporates the best of the group’s refined thrasher pop and surf-punk. The Vox is loud. The guitars rush. The drums boom. It’s almost impossible not to be overcome with newfound angst that one needs to just burn out. Whereas, the latter “Let Me Say I’m the One” leans on the refined pop attitude The Gulps do so well. Right away, the tune of the track is lighter and more upbeat, offering group vocals that no one can resist singing along to. It’s amusing and fun, showing a more melodic side of the group. 

All in all, The Gulps are a band that proves to be a refreshing twist on what Rock has been in the past few years. They prove their place in the scene with their unscathed talent and uninhibited energy that jerks and glides like a rollercoaster you keep coming back to ride. It’s exciting to see what they’ll give to a full-length record, but until then, The Gulps might just be one of this year’s break-through artists.


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