EP Review: Super American – ‘YOBWOC’

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Super American makes music that feels like a pleasure cruise. 

2018’s Tequila Sunrise took anecdotes of being broke, insecure, and relationships, and turned them into a what you’d play on the first day of a vacation. 

Relaxed, fun, quirky, pop with a slight edge. Ready to start feeling something different. 

I’d use that last sentence to describe this four-song collection, YOBWOC. After a hiatus that scared the shit out of me, this was the result of careful deliberation and much-needed rejuvenation. 

Nestled between the band’s new signature pop and original roots in punk is YOBWOC. With “Chlorine Fight Song,” Super American introduces us to a :40 thrasher, their way: with sunny production and prominent electric guitar riffs Then it beats straight into “Untitled,” an elegant mix of pop’s addiction to synth with a flair of heavy drums here and there.

The dance between styles somehow strikes a perfect pair among the catchy chorus, with the ultra-cute hook, “You can lean on me,” ringing through it all. 

Let’s say, though, that you can’t get much better than indie-pop. “How Big Is Your Brain” is your answer. It’s total Tequila Sunrise, but newer. The seemingly effortless way Super American melds those calming melodies and a mid-tempo drum makes a stunning return. Lyrically, it’s the strongest. 

Whether you’re a fan of using astrology to decipher relationships (*raises hand*) or not, “I need to figure out timing/Have you met an earth sign with a Gemini rising?” is a perfect lyric about wanting to know the depths of an interesting person without being too poetic about it. 

“Tangerine and Guava,” a somewhat post (!!) track that’ll be released next month, and what I thought was called “Are You Alive?” closes out. It’s a blend of the two themes: noisy, wired moments here and there, fearless and wild vocals thrown in, and a pop-induced, quiet chorus. The many layers of making that work are apparent, and honestly, great. I’m surprised it worked because I don’t think it should.

I don’t know how Super American continues to break their own mold and keep true to themselves while creating something new, but they do and they’ve done it again. Fans of chill music and energizing hard styles can meet in the middle, if only for four songs, and we have YOBWOC to look to for that. 

Disappointing / Average / Good / Great Phenomenal – I fucking love this band so much 


Kayla Carmicheal // @carmikeall

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