EP Review: Nice Going – ‘Cut Your Losses’

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Nice Going’s EP Cut Your Losses would fit in place with much of the bummer pop that has hit its stride recently, i.e. Future Teens, for being baring and having a fastened sound. But the Toronto-based three-piece have also borrowed from other honed styles to create something dynamic enough to permeate through any predetermined category. It encompasses plush yet roped in vocals similar to Snail Mail and the sand papery bounce of Remember Sports.

“Bored to Death” is about seeking camaraderie as treatment for one’s woes, which is kept lively by a dispersion of tempo changes. Cooing with seizing, ascended hooks, “Denim Coat” offers a breakdown of a romance turned sparkless (“now it’s just this weird in-between”). While an admittance of affection typically feels endearing, that likely won’t ring true when it’s expressed offhandedly. That’s what inspired “I Think I Love Ya” – struggling to swoon over a text with the track title that was hardly sent in the thick of a long-term relationship; one in which they’ve been assured time and time again that they’re valued (“that’s not something you should say over text for the first time”).

Standout “Wrestlemania” exudes a No Doubt-like snarl and a hopscotching bassline. Howes’ voice is nearly equalized with the guitar and drums, creating a cohesive powerhouse of a track. It details sifting through the turmoil of friendship rivalry, with distorted pondering peppered in (“wondering if I’ll ever fall in love again / should I go off my meds to feel a high?”). Howes explained that the EP’s general theme is prioritizing your own well being, even if it comes at the cost of fracturing relationships with others. Self confidence and maintaining relationships with uncompassionate people are often mutually exclusive.

Overall, Cut Your Lossess is an encouraging EP from this new band, and definitely one that is worth your time. Take a listen and keep an ear out for what they cook up next.


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Bineet Kaur //  @HelloBineet

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