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Well, guess what? Peggy and Danny are back with a DLC PACK for the polymorphic sonic experience SCARING THE HOES. First track “Guess What Bitch, We Back Hoe!” assures you that however ready you think you are, you “ain’t,” sampling Sandy Cheeks (of Spongebob fame). A bombastic, furious production alongside an especially melodic Brown, coupled with an understated yet confident JPEG verse produces a perfect track to remind anyone who could’ve possibly forgotten their intentions.

Bracing the second track on the pack is JPEG’s classic “named this one JPEG” producer tag, played a bit longer to add to the intensity of a crescendo. On “HERMANOS,” a jaunty, seductive beat provides the backdrop for arguably the most honest and heartfelt bars from the entire album. Brown conjures his past as a “habitual bridge burner” and a “narcissist arsonist,” juxtaposing his biting flow perfectly with the sweet, sweeping melody background. Peggy sweeps in, declaring “gave me the leg up and that ain’t even the kicker/dropped SCARING THE HOES, end up terrifying the n*****s–wait!” Fittingly, he ends his lyrical contribution to the track with an enlightening mantra: “men lie, women lie, but the numbers don’t/with no machines so my numbers go where your numbers won’t.” Stick around for some of the fantastic production work we highlighted from SCARING THE HOES. In an album and expansion both committed to, well… everything, this is a brief tropical oasis in a hot rhyme desert where the beat stands alone, to the benefit of all involved.

For those of us well-versed, Danny Brown’s alternate delivery is a fantastic addition to his primary, iconic mode. On “Tell Me Where to Go” Brown carries in a melancholic, pensive, tone not really present on the other associated STH tracks. A break from the bombast usually accompanying the mercurial Brown, “Tell Me Where to Go” takes on a more somber, reflective tone that provides a welcome slow-down to the furious pace at which the pair typically operate. Peggy announces loudly, “No turning back!” over a cheering chorus reminiscent of that found throughout basegame SCARING THE HOES before immediately cutting into a ripping diss: “Bitch I ain’t Baby Keem, my cousin ain’t gave me shit!

On closer “NO!…NO!” (the actual title contains 32 ‘NO!’s; as Brown raps in the song: “It’s all there, you ain’t gotta count it!”), the verses contain maybe more veracious rapping JPEGMAFIA is tasked with in the entire project—and he delivers fantastically with bars like “transform on these bitches like Optimus/playin’ these crackers like Oculus/Peggy and Danny no stoppin’ us!” and “gettin’ shit faced, I don’t even wan’ face it/think my shit laced ‘cause these n*****s so basic.” Standing out from this track is the marathon performance from Danny Brown after Peggy hands off the mic. Brown’s verse before the beat drops is fantastic; his spoken word a capella rap afterward is also great. His voice is instrument enough, captivating during every listen. This song is a treat and definitely comes from the same creative vein as the rest of the album. In all, this DLC is worth it? Hell, I’d buy a damn SCARING THE HOES Battle Pass at this point—just keep putting out music! 

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Hanson Egerland | @pseudodiscourse

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