EP Review: Flux Hymns – ‘Shimmer’

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Bandcamp accidentally referred to Flux Hymns as “devotional” in their suggested listens prompt thanks to the band’s tags choices. But they aren’t wrong – because that’s exactly what Shimmer offers for the band’s EP.

Flux Hymns, a three piece out of St. Petersburg, Florida, is all about pumping in as much energy and eclectic sound that a band can offer. They’re driven by deep, droning punk riffs matched by an equally stomping drum that just pumps along to the distortion.

Back to the devotional aspect of it all – Flux Hymns has a knack and passion for flavorful, math rock that is as calculating as it is melodic. You can just feel this band’s commitment to writing complex, driven music. Nothing solidifies that quite like closer “Recurring,” which lives up to its name with rhythm-driven repetition that just builds.

Every moment of fuzz matches the intention of each track title, exploring tightly woven loops and bends, defined best in “Time Loop Tightening.” The impact of each riff is nothing short of gripping. The droning, melodic nature causes musical paralysis here: you’re locked in, and Flux Hymns just builds on that with each song.

With the track “Flux Hymns,” it’s a weaving of pace and sound, from fuzz to soft to fuzz again. The drums are almost a mantra throughout, a guide through the ride that Flux Hymns is taking you on. It’s enough to pledge fealty as soon as you hear the shouts of “Hell is a Cop Out.”

Flux Hymns is a band to keep an eye on as they build their mesmerizing, tension-building catalogue. Shimmer is more than a flash of skill – it’s an indication for the opportunity of distorted math.

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Amanda Starling // @StarlingAj

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